Inspired by Renoir

The current collection featuring 4 patterns and 3 sizes represents the label’s third collaboration with the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest,curated by Lili Horváth and was designed on the occasion of Renoir’s first monographic exhibition in Hungary presenting some seventy works. Though each scarf design unveils a story of its own, drawing inspiration mainly from four different epochal artworks on display, a common perspective lies behind their narratives: a through and through millennial adaptation of the fête galante – a genre originally dating back to the 18th century and reinvented by Renoir – exploring contemporary notions of celebration and capturing, instead of classic festivities or special occasions rather people finding joy in seemingly ordinary situations of life that one so seldomly get to savor that they actually become the most precious ones turning into moments of genuine féte. Little paradises that are not lost and ready to offer a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday, if we are ready to see and make a bit of space for them.